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“Ukraine’s Case”. Western political science and Russo-Ukrainian War

Since February 24th, Kateryna Zarembo attended a large number of scientific events  and shared her reflections on Ukraine and its place in Western political thought in an article for Ukrainian Pravda. 11/10/2022

Since the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, Western universities and educational projects have significantly increased the amount of aid to Ukrainian researchers. Numerous scholarships, fellowships, research visits and participation in international conferences are more humanitarian aid than a long-term investment in one’s own intellectual capacity, assures Kateryna Zarembo.

In order to make Ukrainian academic voices and Ukraine not just empirical material for research, but really significant sources of complex analysis, it is necessary to pursue the development of Ukrainian studies by opening Ukrainian hubs, training future generations of researchers and, most importantly, financing it.


More details and full article via the link.

Photo: Research Centre “New Europe”