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Kateryna Zarembo deliver trainings on policy paper writing on a regular basis. Her portfolio includes trainings delivered for and/or commissioned by the International Renaissance Foundation, Ukrainian and foreign think-tanks and universities (i.e. Ukrainian Catholic University (Lviv), Free University of Berlin (Germany), Institute for analysis and advocacy (Poltava), Polissya Foundation for International and Regional Studies, etc).

In particular, Dr Zarembo has authored and delivered the following trainings:

  • «The basics of policy paper writing»

This is a one-day workshop for the policy analysis newcomers (i.e. students, junior analysts, interns, etc). It teaches the basics of policy paper writing, i.e. how to choose a relevant topic and your target audience, how to carve out a research question, collecting and working with data, delivering a reader-friendly text, the principles of peer review and advocacy.


I’ve known Kateryna Zarembo as a trainer and cooperated with her for three years now. Kateryna gave training and individual consultations on policy paper writing, research methodology, policy paper writing team work and advocacy. Kateryna feels the needs and “mood” of the participants well, she can keep the participants interested and focused throughout the whole training and she applies flexible and interactive teaching methods. She is also a disciplined and responsible expert. I can strongly recommend Kateryna as a trainer for research and policy paper writing.

Sofia Golota
“Democratic Practice” program manager
International Renaissance Foundation


  • «Policy analysis as a team game»

The training is aimed at the actual or potential research project team leaders (editors, representatives of donor community, etc). The training explains what the responsibilities of an editor and their limits are; how to formulate the terms of reference for a team of authors; encourage the team to observe the deadlines, moderate potential conflicts and arrive at a high-quality paper as a result.


  • «Policy products: what, how, why and for who?»

A 90-minute long workshop introducing the concepts of the target audience, policy genres and policy paper structure.


We are grateful to Kateryna Zarembo for the good quality of her trainings and friendly approach. Special thanks for in-depth analysis of the think-tanks’ best practices. I am confident that Kateryna’s expertise will be useful for policy analysis beginners and seasoned experts alike.

Yuriy Romashko
Executive director
Institute of analysis and advocacy, Poltava


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